The entire world’s a stage; I didn’t get cast!

Well, people around me think I am a hell of an energetic person. I have a request to make to all those of you, I will fall to your knees you crooks- please don’t mistake my verbal diarrhoea to be a part of my immense store of energy. The lagging connection between the so called sensible part of my body- or as the nerd world terms it the brain- and my tactless mouth has indeed fuelled the speculation. Get it. Please.

Did you hear that?

Silence. A lot of it. Silence again.

I can see clearly now, the brain is gone… What am I? Drain bamaged?!!! That’s the reason why I have been deliberating too many things about the real world of late.

A few days back, I was wondering about this thing you know. One- it was a gibberish thing to wonder about and two- the longer I wondered, the stupidity of the thought decreased. It was…umm…wait… What was it again? Yeah yeah, do you know what people were doing standing in the queue twice when god was giving off confidence and forgot their share of common sense? You didn’t get it, did you? Let me explain (if the entire gobbledygook is justifiable). However horribly people suck at their skills they do want to display it with all their beauty- no matter how terrible it looks- in front of the grand audience. Confidence, people, I do appreciate it in you. Sense- you have none, I now know.

Let’s talk, say about the grand pastime of dancing. I for one am a pathetic dancer. I have tried my hand at it a few years ago when I was in the kindergartens – ‘few’ might just have been the wrong word in this context. Clearly in the only reminiscent I have of the epic effort, I am out of sync with the rest of the group. Good lord, with all the cosmetics and the wig they did kill the beauty of the little child. But still, I look wonderful, don’t I?

yeah yeah you got me! Kid in the black squatting with hands on the hip. Yeah that's me :D

yeah yeah you got me! Kid in the black squatting with hands on the hip. Yeah that’s me 😀

After that, no never have I ventured onto the stage to give off a dance performance. It was one thing I had clearly started dreading. Things did change in the last couple of years though. No no, don’t get me wrong. I still didn’t dare get onto the stage to kill everyone by laughing their asses off looking at my “remarkable” talent. No it didn’t happen. Instead, I took up dancing in the crowd with the crowd. Pleased to see there were many who fared far worse, I boogied with all the galore. As some called out “Oi, the guy with the white hat”, indeed I was crazy.

Well, having the fair share of confidence, I think then with the crowd I had left the sense back home.