Irony of Life


It’s sometimes so captivating the irony of life,

the times when things change overnight,

the times when forever never really seemed to last.


I still remember those few good memories,

those that can still trickle down a couple of tears.

The hellos that always ended with a goodbye,

the times people forgave though they couldn’t forget,

the whiles when you needed someone, they were never around,

the dependable friends of yours who would never let you down.


It’s always dwindling and fading but it never sets.

It’s almost missing but for webs of different thoughts.

We search. We muse.

Lost in time. Lost in thoughts.

A mistake committed or a dream perhaps,

A memory built or a story perchance.

I kept thinking about how much we would miss if we overlook our past,

but human, we are- a few moments are best let gone, a few not.

–          Prasad

(This happens to be my first attempt at writing poems. Do tell me about it! Thank you)