You were always a riddle

I was left entrenched in my world

A utopia- so blissful, so reposing

And yet one day, everything was washed away

By a force so powerful, so perplexing


I find a void in these busy roads

I miss a hand in my dreamy shores

You were once the silver lining of my clouds

Those lively acts, those lovely smiles

A princess indeed from heavenly abodes


There were times when I couldn’t notice the signs

Moments when I failed to read between the lines

The rays of light I couldn’t perceive

Time and time again when I was so insensitive


I wish that I could work it out

I tried to sing but words didn’t come about

I crossed lines which were not meant to be crossed

Tangled I was, in the riddles that have caught me distraught


But today, I ride the trails of shimmering oil on the waves,

Caught in the swirls and curls, the flood of recollections

A crying heart there is, with an imprint of warming emotions


I get dragged into unfathomable waters

Those lines do feel heavy at times

I didn’t want to be left here on my own

Am I drifting away or am I coming home?