“Quintet of Radiance”: Five Ennobling Awards!

I am pleased to note that I have been nominated for the “Quintet of Radiance”: Five Ennobling Awards by one of my closest fellow bloggers Baldeep Kaur ( http://inspiringevolution.wordpress.com ).

With the culmination of 45 days into blogging, it happens to be my first recognition from the community of bloggers at WordPress.  And in accordance with the rules and expectations, I am nominating 10 blogs and bloggers, who have truly captured my attention with their creativity and dedication. It has been my pleasure to be associated with such an exceptional company of great bloggers.

The Versatile Blogger Award, Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award, Most Influential Blogger Award, Sunshine Award and Inner Peace Award together form the quintet.


The objective of the quintet being to serve as  a constant reminder for our thoughts to remain Versatile to brighten up the dark pathways of the mind with Sunshine, respect our Inner Peace, bring about changes by being positively Influential, and make this pale blue planet an Awesome place to abide in.

The ABC Award requires me to write a word or a phrase about myself for each of the English alphabets, so here it is:

A: Adventure (adrenalin draws me into this part of the world)

B: Beach (a lazy/epic day, a boring/eccentric evening, a lousy/whimsical night- have seen it all here)

C: Coldplay (a day remains incomplete if I don’t listen to at least one of their songs)

D: Dogs (I have been crazy about them, but never had one of my own)

E: Engine (my heart- I am indeed a mechanical engineer)

F: Friends (Just the integral part of myself)

G: God is an Astronaut (well he is one, I love the band even more)

H: Harry Potter (it might sound too immature, but I always wanted to be a wizard)

I: I am a wizard in my own ways today (sounded like a cliché right?)

J: Jack Sparrow (oops, there was a captain in there somewhere!)

K: Kimi Raikkonen (whichever team you might race with, I admire you)

L: Leonardo DiCaprio (Archer TIA alright!)

M: mountain biking (have done it only once, would love to do it again)

N: Nine (happens to be lucky to me- or so I think it is!)

O: Optimus Prime (an epitome of mechanization and transformation)

P: Princess (I have been waiting for the princess of my dreams from quite long already!!)

Q: Quality (the only thing I admire)

R: Rafael Nadal (The king of clay never slips on my admiration grass-court)

S: Sea-wolf (ever heard of a better name for a boat?)

T: Trekking (has turned out to be my favorite pass time)

U: Utopia (yeah, that’s where we live in today)

V: voyage (the endless sea has fascinated me, yet I haven’t undertaken one still)

W: waves (just the dynamic nature still takes me head on every time)

X: X-Men (really First-Class)

Y: Yellow (not my favorite colour but my favorite song)

Z: Zimmer (Hans Zimmer- the god of background scores to me)


(you are free to choose all, any or none of the awards)

1: http://ethicalhedonism.wordpress.com

2: http://shawnbird.com

3: http://khaulanazir.wordpress.com/

4: http://talesalongtheway.com/

5: http://brendavisser.wordpress.com/

6: http://lifeisavacation.wordpress.com/

7: http://airplanesandwaterfalls.wordpress.com/

8: http://khmazzola.wordpress.com/

9: http://sakshivashist.wordpress.com/

10: http://aopinionatedman.com/

I am very pleased to nominate them for the above quintet, which they truly deserve. Please do visit their blogs and enjoy the amazing wealth of knowledge they share.

Thank you.

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