Losing my way

I am still feeling

A deep void in my life

I am still quenching

The fires of my life


I am falling apart

Barely trying to hold myself

I seem strong on the outside

But still very shallow deep inside


I keep pretending

That someone will come and save me

Am I dreaming?

Will there be anyone or just me?


I lay broken on this lane halfway

Still standing all alone

I may be missing my way now

Having forgot my way home


Hanging onto the words you said

That everything will be alright

I tried to work with a purpose

But I am lost, standing inside out


I wish there was healing

To this storm of pain

I hope to find a meaning

To my life with a new name


So, I am holding on

Barely clinging on to you

I am going out today to face a new day

Walking the streets with a hope to see

If you will just cross my way