Reader Appreciation Award

Reader Appreciation Award

Reader Appreciation Award

Well, I am glad to note that I have been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award. Another day spent blogging. Another day spent rambling. Another day spent being recognized. Five months into blogging. Award tally clocks six.  Glad to have been recognized by the community here for the little part I play here. And in accordance with the rules and expectations, I am nominating 7 blogs and bloggers, who have truly captured my attention with their creativity and dedication. It has been my pleasure to be associated with such an exceptional company of great bloggers.

Thanks a lot Pamela for this recognition.  Now this award also necessitates me to speak out seven characteristics about myself.  They say the hardest thing in this world is to answer “Boy, now tell me something about yourself!”. Hell, yeah its hard. But let me try something out here. It is a little fast paced. So digest everything you can when you can.

  1. I am adrenaline charged. I love to travel and trek, explore the peaks, feel the nippy winds, stand on the edge of a cliff, get lost in the woods and  jump into the incoming waves.
  2. They say I have a jocular persona, infectious character and (absurd) sense of humour.
  3. I am a mechanical engineer. So naturally, I have developed this strong liking towards the buzzing of engines, the fleet of cars and the thundering airplanes.
  4. Music! Coldplay probably runs in my blood (well its not possible literally or is it?). Hans Zimmer, Keane, The Who, The Doors, David Gilmour, Guns & Roses, Lifehouse, Daughtry, The Script, Snow Patrol and the list goes on and on!
  5. Chelsea FC, Indian Cricket Team, Rafael Nadal and Kimi Raikkonen form the coveted sports quartet in my life.
  6. Pick your only ambition in life mate? Well, then its going around this world,  reinventing and appreciating, being a part of an absorbing feeling that nothing is impossible – falling in love with a place, a culture, a person – and never being able to turn back.
  7. Lastly I love writing. I dunno how far I will be successful at it or how good I am at it  but it helps me escape the frenzied world. Still, at the end of the day, I am just another guy wanting to make the most of what I have, live my part of the chapter, write my part of the story and walk my part of the road in this utopia.


I am very pleased to nominate them for the above award, which they truly deserve. Please do visit their blogs and enjoy the amazing wealth of knowledge they share.

Thank you.

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