Colours of Life

Clarke quay (1)

They say “discover the world through colours “. I guess I wouldn’t disagree on that. Because experts are of an opinion that colours hypnotizes our senses, changes our mood and affects our very life. In short these colours are shades of our perception. They are related to the way we feel and the reason why colours affect us so deeply is that they not only define our way, they truly enhance our path.

Nature plays its beautiful hand each hour of the day, showcases its immense collection and the shades of the spectrum each second of the hour.  People won’t be wrong if they associate a state of mind, an element of the character with different shades of colour.

Clarke quay (2)

And so there I was making a brief run across the internet to find my relationship with colours. Red for instance, relates to our sense of belonging, our physical reality, anchors our feelings and gives us a sense of practicality. Orange on the other hand, expresses our most creative side, our relationship to others and our sexuality. It brings the feeling of expansion and aliveness. Yellow provides us with a sense of personal power like the Sun standing in its truth without compromising it and yet giving unconditionally to everyone. Green vibrates with our sense of Self-love & love for others. Blue triggers our sense of communication, our ability to share our truth and carry our message. Indigo expresses our dreams, our sense of imagination, our capacity to visualize. Purple gives us a sense of higher-consciousness, a sense of connectedness to a higher-realm vibrating with our deeper sense of relationship with the divine.

The pictures shown above have been taken from a riverside at Clarke Quay, Singapore. The brilliant and exuberant range of colours are in-fact the very evidence for the roles that colours play in our little lives. Whatever colours bring to us, on a much more individual level, it is undeniable that they affect our states of being and carry strong Vibes into our subconscious mind.The brighter they vibrate, the stronger they affect our deepest self. Colours define the intensity with which our heart sees our life & how our eyes translate the way we feel it.