Death of Real journalism

For what it has become, media is nothing more than a sort of entertainment in today’s society. Fair and honest journalism that once thrived is long dead. Call me crazy, but I sometimes think it is true. No longer do we mourn the death of the true “Press”. That 100% news that we see as the way the media reports it, is it even 100% believable?

 Well what I see is that the news media has grown to be a large part of the entertainment industry choosing those stories those events which make good headlines and generate lumps of money rather than project those facts that need attention. It’s gone to an extent where news is spoken too freely from biases to report any story from a strictly researched and facts based position.

 I switch on the television to watch something called the News. What awaits me is a whole new different story. A handful might look into the new economic and foreign policies while the others turn away as if it doesn’t exist. Coverage might be given to some celebrity who got caught with drugs again, while people dying of hunger and poverty in the far corner of the city might go unreported. It’s totally disgusting the way disasters and tragedies are reported today. A national blame game is played, a political glorification then ensues. Victims are glossed over as a sad loss. Stories are used and cooked up to prop-up agendas. A panel is drawn up to come to a conclusion and a story is led in a given direction. A lot of rambling, a lot of noise. No basis, no facts, just a knee jerk attempt to quickly blame someone.

At the speed of the news cycle, with competing news channels just across the corners from reporting news, who has time for vetting?

At the speed of the news cycle, with competing news channels just across the corners from reporting news, who has time for vetting?

The bias on both sides of the political spectrum in the mainstream media is so stark these days- that just channels being watched make the difference. A few might root for a set of loons, some for a group of awkward nut jobs. The way each network supports and panders to the causes of different political groups are so evident just as much as there are proofs of corporations and political parties inching and vying for the support of mainstream media.

Sponsors, advertisements and money are the factors that are running the show today. As the market grows more and more competitive, the advertisement space becomes more profitable. As these profits rise, the companies tend to take fewer risks. Most important issues may be totally ignored as these may be considered too boring and damage ratings. May be it doesn’t duly fit with the news outlets political and social agenda, may be the amount of time required to cover the entire story is just too much or may be the issue in itself is way too sensitive. And the news which could boost ratings, appease the current sponsors and draw in new sponsors is carefully selected for broadcast.

The thin line between news and advertisement today is so blurred with each aspect of the broadcast being sponsored. It might as well go to the extent that the scope of coverage of any one issue might be determined by the number of commercials the program aired. The root of the bias is here- the opinion broadcast of the network’s programming informs the news instead of the other way around.


 I am no journalist. It is just my personal view but I feel real and factual journalism seems to have gone away. Scared as they are to back up their financial supporters to stay viable, news agencies step in to do anything to maintain their ratings even if it means reporting false information and inciting hatred and developing conspiracy theories of their own. So much spin is put on the news that it becomes so hard to judge what is true and what is false. After all today the News mission is so compromised that important broadcast are interrupted to sell us cereals, apparels and cars.

When I was doing a bit of reading on this nagging issue, I came across these wonderful words by John Mayer from ‘Waiting for the World to Change’. He said, “When you trust your television, what you get is what you got; because when they own the information they can bend it all they want.”

Yeah I get it, having truly independent unbiased news in ideal circumstances is a hard job. But back in the days when news was delivered from those men who were revered, none of us had a problem in believing the news we heard, the news we watched. We can’t live in a world of ignorance. Whistle blowing seems to be the only way to report real needed information these days. But public journalism as it is called today; I would prefer looking over the YouTube, twitter and the entire internet to have a better idea about what’s going on truly out there. If we rely on these clowns in the media to feed us the truth, we will be sorely disappointed, heavily biased, largely divided, and profoundly uninformed.

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