Inhumane- The new being Human ?

Superior is what we regard ourselves as we look down on the rest of the animal kingdom. Why shouldn’t we? We have been graced with intelligence far greater than other living beings. Of course, we are smart. And yet, sometimes it leaves me wondering about the concept of evolution that Darwin put forth. What are we evolving into? Are we striving towards the rays of refinement or are we withdrawing into the dungeons of darkness?

We claimed many a victories, reached for the stars, stepped on the moon, conquered the world and lived in realms. We built great big things, made implausible technological advances, cured diseases and nurtured works of art. We spoke about diversity and opportunity, freedom and satisfaction, elected governments and cultivated economies.

And yet, today we act like savages. We slaughter each other even quicker than we kill our own teething troubles. Like wolves in those woods, we prowl the dark alleys. We drink to the joy of those conquests that we never really won morally. Knives slash; bullets spray at every street. We step into the nature, rip her from her bosom, clear the flora, kill the fauna. Why mask the face with emotions and feelings that have long gone? Why conceal those senses that no longer exist? Put them all forward and show that the only thing that holds us together now is….shame.

There was a time when we stood up for what was right. When we aspired to intelligence and didn’t demean it. When we fought for moral reasons, stood up against atrocities of different intolerable men, removed the fetters from the collars of fellow men and waged wars on poverty and not poor people. When we last acted like men…

“Are we still the star-spangled most intelligent creatures?”

“Are we still the star-spangled most intelligent creatures?”