Why? You would know if I knew.

I am but a human. I fear. I believe. I hope. I dream.

I worry about the future. Yet, I look forward to it.

I yearn for new experiences. Yet, I cherish the ones I’ve had.

I worry about the effects of my actions. But, I still act in the only manner I ever would.

I ache for the touch of passion. I wait on words hanging onto visions.

I fake a smile. I force a laugh. I dance and play the part.

I hold grudges. I hate. I believe in kindness. I love.

I lay back, looking up at the universe. I aspire.

I dream of realms I could never visit. I am haunted by demons that do not exist.

I long for the glimpse of a winter sun. I seek for the caress of the summer breeze.

I am just a wave tossed in the ocean. I am just a vapour floating along the wind.

I am confident, filled with emotion, guided by reason, and driven by passion.

I am the only one with these thoughts. I am nothing like you.

I am but a human. I am alive.  And today, I believe in hope.