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Tangled up in blue

A harrowed mind, a harried heart For I stare at the temporal bars Of my carnal cage Reflecting at the bounds of life I yearn for only a way to escape. . There… Continue reading

Sands of time

The shaman passes the mug to the monk. A graceful gesture indicates he doesn’t need it. They wait. Observing the swirling energies, they smile. They peek. Gazing at the rolling white peaks, they… Continue reading

The Island of the Misfit Toy

It was an island- an island so beautiful as if it was a part of the utopian world itself. Castled somewhere in the middle of the deep blue Pacific, a patch of land… Continue reading


I hear the sounds of winds and waves As I go on an uncharted journey Beyond the unknown sphere Where the obvious is so unclear . A world where I could believe in… Continue reading

May be, I will be ok

Stuck….in my woven tale Sleeping with a broken clock I try to guard my open book Crushed….under a heavy chest Struggling to keep my breath I try to find myself again . I… Continue reading

While I am Waiting

I stand on the edge, unaware if it’s the end of my beginning Facing the abyss painted so black I wish I was just dreaming . When no eyes were looking back at… Continue reading

Inhumane- The new being Human ?

Superior is what we regard ourselves as we look down on the rest of the animal kingdom. Why shouldn’t we? We have been graced with intelligence far greater than other living beings. Of… Continue reading

Me- A captive of my identity!

I mean I know I might sound crazy here but isn’t it intriguing the way we lead our lives at times? Floating on the unhappy circumstances, conditioned to a life of security, conformity… Continue reading

A Vagabond soul

A daylight delusion Time being an illusion I dunno where I am going Neither did you. . I am caught in the middle in the currents of life I am lost in this moment Spinning, in the… Continue reading

Colours of Life

They say “discover the world through colours “. I guess I wouldn’t disagree on that. Because experts are of an opinion that colours hypnotizes our senses, changes our mood and affects our very life. In short these… Continue reading