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Tangled up in blue

A harrowed mind, a harried heart For I stare at the temporal bars Of my carnal cage Reflecting at the bounds of life I yearn for only a way to escape. . There… Continue reading

The Red White-Sheet

There I see, at a distance a the cloud of smoke hovers There I see where once stood a city, a the column of fire rises There I hear, the shots as fingers… Continue reading

“Into the Wild”

A story of Christopher Johnson McCandless . A story of a young lad who had given $25,000 in savings to charity, abandoned his car and most of his possessions, burned all the cash in… Continue reading

Why? You would know if I knew.

I am but a human. I fear. I believe. I hope. I dream. I worry about the future. Yet, I look forward to it. I yearn for new experiences. Yet, I cherish the ones I’ve had.… Continue reading

Plight of Life

I stood upon the ruins of what was once a city; I stared at what was once a home, That curiously belonged to me as if such bits mattered any more. I stood… Continue reading


I hear the sounds of winds and waves As I go on an uncharted journey Beyond the unknown sphere Where the obvious is so unclear . A world where I could believe in… Continue reading

May be, I will be ok

Stuck….in my woven tale Sleeping with a broken clock I try to guard my open book Crushed….under a heavy chest Struggling to keep my breath I try to find myself again . I… Continue reading

While I am Waiting

I stand on the edge, unaware if it’s the end of my beginning Facing the abyss painted so black I wish I was just dreaming . When no eyes were looking back at… Continue reading

A Vagabond soul

A daylight delusion Time being an illusion I dunno where I am going Neither did you. . I am caught in the middle in the currents of life I am lost in this moment Spinning, in the… Continue reading

Where to, where do I go?

Afloat on a current of energies that bore me adrift to distant shores it was a torrent of verves a new strangeness of whispering echoes . Where to, where do I go? I… Continue reading