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13 free things to do in Singapore

Let’s face it. Singapore can haunt your pockets and empty your wallets even before you know it. But delving deep and a bit of research can easily save a lot of bucks and… Continue reading

Singapore Flyer- a Bird’s Eye view of Singapore

With an imposing height of 541ft, the Singapore Flyer stands as the tallest Ferris wheel in the world (16ft taller than the Star of Nanchang and 98ft taller than the London Eye). Termed… Continue reading

Pulau Ubin- a Singapore that existed half a century ago

With a group of friends, I set off from the main island in a bum-boat to a small islet situated to the north-east of Singapore. As the mainland retreated into a background, the… Continue reading

Universal Studios Theme Park – Into the world of film making

A recreational island of Sentosa extends in the backdrop of the mainland of Singapore. Thronged by the likes of locals and tourists, this island is a hub for fun and grandeur. Sentosa Island is… Continue reading

The Southern Ridges- A walk to remember

Location: The lab, Kent Ridge……Date: 06/07/2012 Friday……Time: 15:00:00.19 An unexpected power failure. Reason- A burnt fuse. “Shall we walk the Southern Ridges?”…“Yeah. The weather is good. Let’s go” So that’s how that day… Continue reading

The Tale of a Walk- East Coast Park to Changi Beach Park

This is a story of three Indians, a French man and a Singaporean. Long long ago (i.e. a little more than a year ago), these five exemplary men from the planet Earth set… Continue reading

Colours of Life

They say “discover the world through colours “. I guess I wouldn’t disagree on that. Because experts are of an opinion that colours hypnotizes our senses, changes our mood and affects our very life. In short these… Continue reading

Stillness in Saturation

While black-and-white photography has enjoyed a rebirth of interest, colour is still how the world appears and is mostly photographed. The sheer essence of the colours and the way we perceive different shades… Continue reading

Marina Bay Sands- An epitome of elegance

Basically an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay, Marina Bay Sands was established by the Las Vegas Sands and it is considered the most expensive standalone casino property. The three 55-story hotel towers house… Continue reading