Plight of Life

I stood upon the ruins of what was once a city; I stared at what was once a home, That curiously belonged to me as if such bits mattered any more. I stood… Continue reading


I hear the sounds of winds and waves As I go on an uncharted journey Beyond the unknown sphere Where the obvious is so unclear . A world where I could believe in… Continue reading

The Kingdom of Goa

So incidentally one day I stepped into this hinterland. It wasn’t just to enjoy the shade and the groves of the trees. It was to find something different: a balm on the busy… Continue reading

Pulau Ubin- a Singapore that existed half a century ago

With a group of friends, I set off from the main island in a bum-boat to a small islet situated to the north-east of Singapore. As the mainland retreated into a background, the… Continue reading

Universal Studios Theme Park – Into the world of film making

A recreational island of Sentosa extends in the backdrop of the mainland of Singapore. Thronged by the likes of locals and tourists, this island is a hub for fun and grandeur. Sentosa Island is… Continue reading

May be, I will be ok

Stuck….in my woven tale Sleeping with a broken clock I try to guard my open book Crushed….under a heavy chest Struggling to keep my breath I try to find myself again . I… Continue reading

The world of the only one

“Sometimes life is too hard to be alone, and sometimes life is too good to be alone.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert This post is in response to Daily Post’s Weekly Photography Challenge-One

Guest Post- Autobiography of a bat

They called me the Excalibur. They did. And he took it as the biggest compliment that he ever got. I never knew what the fuss was all about. After all, I was just… Continue reading

While I am Waiting

I stand on the edge, unaware if it’s the end of my beginning Facing the abyss painted so black I wish I was just dreaming . When no eyes were looking back at… Continue reading

Inhumane- The new being Human ?

Superior is what we regard ourselves as we look down on the rest of the animal kingdom. Why shouldn’t we? We have been graced with intelligence far greater than other living beings. Of… Continue reading