The entire world’s a stage; I didn’t get cast!

Well, people around me think I am a hell of an energetic person. I have a request to make to all those of you, I will fall to your knees you crooks- please… Continue reading

Kudlu-Theertha Falls- A day off in the midst of the Western Ghats

In the midst of it- a thick jungle, a world so away from civilization- there lies this scenic waterfall called the Kudlu-theertha falls about 42km from Udupi in the coastal state of Karnataka,… Continue reading

The Dreamers of Dreams

The other day I walked past a poster on one of the roads that read “Every morning in a jungle a gazelle wakes up and it knows it must outrun the fastest lion… Continue reading

A Tale of a Portrait

He sat in his usual old-fashioned armchair. Watching the outside world, from his little window, swaying, he lay there lost in thought, lost in time. The rain lashed across the sills. The woods… Continue reading

Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks

Seemingly as hard as it is to believe, it almost seems so surreal so dreamlike that more than twenty two years have flown by since I have come to this utopia as a… Continue reading

Jamalabad Fort: In ruins but worth a hike

Jamalabad Fort is an old hilltop fortification almost 8km north of Belthangady and 70km from the coastal city of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, India. The place is under the shadow of an… Continue reading

The Tides & Times- Good old days

They say you can’t find them everywhere. Ask me – there is one place, a paradise called college – one of the most cherished chapters of my life – that brings in people… Continue reading

Well, it wasn’t my honeymoon at Kullu-Manali !

The Saurkundi Pass trekking expedition was indeed a lifetime experience. I had a little more than a couple days to spare before undertaking my journey back to New Delhi. There wasn’t a concrete… Continue reading