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Sands of time

The shaman passes the mug to the monk. A graceful gesture indicates he doesn’t need it. They wait. Observing the swirling energies, they smile. They peek. Gazing at the rolling white peaks, they… Continue reading

While I am Waiting

I stand on the edge, unaware if it’s the end of my beginning Facing the abyss painted so black I wish I was just dreaming . When no eyes were looking back at… Continue reading

The Tale of a Walk- East Coast Park to Changi Beach Park

This is a story of three Indians, a French man and a Singaporean. Long long ago (i.e. a little more than a year ago), these five exemplary men from the planet Earth set… Continue reading

Where to, where do I go?

Afloat on a current of energies that bore me adrift to distant shores it was a torrent of verves a new strangeness of whispering echoes . Where to, where do I go? I… Continue reading

Losing my way

I am still feeling A deep void in my life I am still quenching The fires of my life  . I am falling apart Barely trying to hold myself I seem strong on… Continue reading

I wish you were here

Life is a maze, love is a puzzle I am lost in the haze, caught in the bubble I turn around and see the shadows of you I lie awake and I miss… Continue reading

You were always a riddle

I was left entrenched in my world A utopia- so blissful, so reposing And yet one day, everything was washed away By a force so powerful, so perplexing   I find a void… Continue reading

Nandi hills- A detour from a bustling city

A little more than 18 months to this trip, and still each and every moment is as stark as it can be etched in my memories. A small hatchback left from Bangalore as… Continue reading

The Tides & Times- Good old days

They say you can’t find them everywhere. Ask me – there is one place, a paradise called college – one of the most cherished chapters of my life – that brings in people… Continue reading