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Tangled up in blue

A harrowed mind, a harried heart For I stare at the temporal bars Of my carnal cage Reflecting at the bounds of life I yearn for only a way to escape. . There… Continue reading

The Island of the Misfit Toy

It was an island- an island so beautiful as if it was a part of the utopian world itself. Castled somewhere in the middle of the deep blue Pacific, a patch of land… Continue reading

Someone stop that chicken!

Yeah, you noticed it right. I had been busy for the past few days. I was off on a quest to find out the answers to a question that had plagued me since… Continue reading

Why? You would know if I knew.

I am but a human. I fear. I believe. I hope. I dream. I worry about the future. Yet, I look forward to it. I yearn for new experiences. Yet, I cherish the ones I’ve had.… Continue reading

Me- A captive of my identity!

I mean I know I might sound crazy here but isn’t it intriguing the way we lead our lives at times? Floating on the unhappy circumstances, conditioned to a life of security, conformity… Continue reading

Where to, where do I go?

Afloat on a current of energies that bore me adrift to distant shores it was a torrent of verves a new strangeness of whispering echoes . Where to, where do I go? I… Continue reading

I wish you were here

Life is a maze, love is a puzzle I am lost in the haze, caught in the bubble I turn around and see the shadows of you I lie awake and I miss… Continue reading

A Pinch of Me

I am living in this maze with the clusters of puzzles spread out all across me. It took me quite a while to figure it all out and do my bit of jumbling… Continue reading

You were always a riddle

I was left entrenched in my world A utopia- so blissful, so reposing And yet one day, everything was washed away By a force so powerful, so perplexing   I find a void… Continue reading